Clean Driving Record

In order to be eligible for a road test, you must have six months of a clean driving record for the six months preceding your road test.   The following circumstances will ‘dirty’ your driving record:

  • any surchargeable event
  • an at-fault accident
  • a moving violation, such as speeding
  • violating the permit holder time restriction
  • a conviction for a drug or alcohol offense
  • a continuation without a finding on a drug or alcohol offense

You have to wait until six months after the issuance of a citation, or being arrested or charged with a crime, before you will be eligible for your road test.

What this means, is that you have to avoid all of the above, prior to your road test (and hopefully forever), otherwise you won’t even be eligible to get your license!  An additional six months, is an additional six months that your parents will have to drive you around…or worse…you might have to take the school bus! If you are charged with an at fault accident, a drug or alcohol related crime or a moving violation, there are steps that can be taken to protect your driving record. You must take them immediately upon being charged with an infraction or a crime.  Call me at 866-981-7888 or email me at to set up a consultation.

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