Tips for Safe Driving

New and young drivers are particularly at risk for car accidents.  One of the reasons the proposed cell phone ban is before the Massachusetts Legislature is that young drivers are safer when they are not chatting on their cell phone.    Here are some other safety tips for drivers young and old:

1. Don’t talk on your cell phone while you are driving.  Use a headset or a blue tooth.  Don’t text.   Really, you are safest if you don’t talk on the phone at all while driving and simply concentrate on the task at hand.

2. When you get in your car, before you take it out of park, check your mirrors, fasten your seat belt, be aware of the location of the controls, and make sure your seat is properly adjusted.

3. When you take your car out of park, use appropriate turn signals, look in both mirrors AND over your shoulder before pulling or backing out, use both hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel for maximum control.

4. When you are getting ready to stop and stopping be aware of the traffic around you (oncoming and behind).

5. Stop behind the crosswalk or limit line.

6. Stop the vehicle gently; and start your stop early to avoid jarring the vehicle.

7. If you are stopped and have an obstructed view of the intersection, move forward slowly and with caution and always look both ways at the intersection.

8. Take turns at low speeds.

9. When turning, make sure you are lined up to end the turn in the right line (i.e. you don’t want to take a wide turn into oncoming traffic).

10. Yield to other vehicles that have the right of way.

11. Avoid having to back out of spots as much as possible, but if you do have to back out, check your mirrors and look over your shoulder.

12. When you change lanes, use the appropriate signals and check your mirrors and over your shoulder to view what might be in your blind spot.

13. Maintain your speed.

14. Don’t eat while you are driving.

The best way to avoid a ticket is not to get one.  Drive safe and use common sense!  If you don’t get a ticket, you don’t have to worry about going to a clerk’s hearing or a Registry of Motor Vehicles Appeal!

If you do get a ticket, call me at 866-981-7888 or email me to discuss your options.

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