Field Sobriety Tests – 9 Step Walk and Turn

One of the field sobriety tests that police in Massachusetts often use is called the 9 step walk and turn.

This test involves walking nine steps in a straight line, keeping the heel of your left foot touching the heel of your right foot (and vice versa) as you walk.  After you walk 9 steps, you pivot, and walk back the same way.

What are they looking for?  What if you took it?

The person conducting the tests is assessing:

  1. If you follow instructions (i.e. wait until he or she explains the test before starting).
  2. If you can balance.

The police officer will make notes in his or her police report if:

  1. You used your arms to balance.
  2. You did not walk heel to toe.
  3. You did not walk straight.
  4. You did not walk 9 steps in both directions.
  5. You start the test before the police officer finishes explaining the test.

There are reasons for “failing” this test, other than being intoxicated. You could just be a major klutz, have an inner ear problem, have a knee problem, have an ankle problem, be overweight or have bad eyesight.  You shouldn’t assume that because you “failed” the nine step walk and turn that you can’t fight the OUI.

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