Cell Phone Vote Stalled in Massachusetts Senate

The cell phone ban bill is currently somewhere between the Massachusetts House of Representatives (who approved the bill) and the Massachusetts Senate. As of today, there is no clear date set for a hearing before the Senators.  However, the potential law and its penalties are becoming a hot topic of discussion around here.  Yesterday, The Hingham Journal, had an article, an editorial and a spread of reader comments on the impact of the bill on the citizens of Massachusetts.

I’m quoted in the article, Jury out on cell phone ban.  I’m glad the potential ban is getting more and more publicity as it is an important issue.  I remember my grandfather saying that you could always tell when someone was lighting a pipe when they were driving because the car would either slow down or veer off the road. I often think of him now when I see someone who is clearly answering there phone, or distracted by the conversation.  They also veer off the road and slow down.  I think people talking on cell phones would really upset Grandpa.

The most important thing is to use your common sense when you are driving, it can save your life – and the life of the unsuspecting pedestrian!  Also, if you don’t drive erratically, you are much less likely to get pulled over by police officers – and that in itself can save you a lot of headaches!

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