One Legged Stand – Field Sobriety Test

A popular field sobriety test (that in Massachusetts you don’t have to take), is the One Legged Stand.  In this test, someone who has been pulled over, (maybe you, maybe someone you care about) and is asked to stand on a level surface.  Hopefully a level surface exists.  You can ask to take your shoes off if you want (but the simple act of taking off your shoes allows for even more observation by the police officer).  So you could be standing in heels or your most uncomfortable shoes and be asked to put one leg in the air and count slowly to 15.

Not a big deal?  To some people, it’s not a big deal.  They are coordinated. They can balance.  Maybe they were a gymnast in a former life.  What if you had knee surgery?  You have a bad ankle?  You are just simply a total klutz.  What if you are just nervous?  There are plenty of reasons why the seemingly simple task of raising a leg in the air can go awry.

All you have to do is stand on one leg and count slowly to fifteen. There are many ways to ‘fail’ this test.  You could put your foot down, you could count wrong, you could sway….even if you are stone cold sober.  Many people simply cannot stand on one leg.  This is yet another reason not to consent to field sobriety tests!

Did you take field sobriety tests?  Have you been arrested or summonsed to court? Call me at 866-981-7888 or email me for a consultation.

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