Are You or Someone You Care About a Potentially Unfit Driver?

An individual can be an unfit driver for a variety of reasons, usually, it is for a medical, physical or psychological reason.  If an individual has a medical condition that he or she believes may affect their ability to drive safely, he or she must report the condition to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  At that point he or she must stop droving immediately.

Some examples of some medical conditions are:  new medication, uncontrolled seizure disorder or vision problems.

It gets tricky because currently in Massachusetts, there are not any laws requiring a doctor or any other interested person to report potentially unfit drivers to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Who can report potentially unsafe drivers to the Registry?

  • a physician
  • family members
  • law enforcement
  • any other interested third parties (community members, friends etc.)

What information is required to report?

  • name, address and phone number of reporting party
  • name, address, social security, license number, and date of birth of potentially unfit driver
  • the reason for the complaint or description of the individuals functional limitation

These are the forms used by the Registry for reporting:

Medical Evaluation Form (for physician use)

Request for Medical Evaluation (for non-physicians)

Have you been reported to the Registry?  Do you need help fighting or appealing a decision about your license?  Call me at 866-981-7888 or email me for a consultation.  Ask for Attorney Foley.

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