Don’t Elderly Drivers Have Rights?

There is an ongoing campaign in Massachusetts to keep its citizens safe from cars.  I am not sure if this is at all reflective of the stereotype of Massachusetts drivers, but it can’t be a total coincidence.  In my travels (both home and abroad) I have noticed that other drivers take yellow lights a little more seriously then we do.  Maybe it’s a sign?

In all seriousness, the efforts to keep drivers and and those who may be in the path of drivers are saving lives. What happens with older drivers?  Who decides?  At what point do you lose the opportunity to decide whether or not you can drive?

Did you get into a minor car accident?  Do you have trouble seeing at night?

You may just need to visit your doctor and get a medical evaluation.  It is possible that:

  • you need your medications updated
  • you have a new medical condition that you were not aware of
  • you need new glasses
  • you need cataract surgery

There are many reasons why your driving has suffered, and there are many potential remedies.  Before you sign up for the Senior Center bus – check with your doctor.  You can also participate in driver retraining – if you do not feel as comfortable as you used to on the road.

The problem is, who decides when someone should quit driving?  The Registry of Motor Vehicles has a great list of resources for mature drivers.  It helps the mature driver to think about issues that may effect their ability to operate a car safely.

If you are a mature driver and someone has notified the Registry that you are a risk on the road, but you aren’t, and you need legal assistance dealing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles or other driving related issues call me at 866-981-7888 or email me to set up a consultation.

For some more information on issues relating to the elderly and driving see:

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