Grandma’s Driving Making You Nervous?

There are 77 drivers who are 100 years old, 40 who are 101, 20 who are 102 and 7 who are 103.  This is according to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

What if you are concerned about your elderly driver?  There are several reasons why your parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent or other loved one may have appear to have impaired driving.  Taking away someone’s ability to drive, especially in a nation where we love our cars, is a huge step.

First,  consider whether or not your loved one has a problem that might be correctable.  It is possible that their driving suffers because:

  • they have an undiagnosed medical problem
  • they need to adjust their medication
  • they may need their vision checked
  • they may not be eating properly and suffering for poor nutrition or dehydration.

Also,  maybe your loved one needs a refreshers, most Senior Centers, and Councils on Aging offer driving retraining for elderly drivers.  Remember, it is possible that they haven’t taken drivers education and the rules of the road have changed since they first qualified for their license.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles has a great list of resources for mature drivers and their families.  It helps the mature driver to think about issues that may effect their ability to operate a car safely.  It has suggestions for family members who are concerned about the safety of their mature driver.

For some more information on issues relating to the elderly and driving see:

Massachusetts Estate Planning

Massachusetts Council on Aging

Resources for Massachusetts Seniors

South Shore Elder Services

At the Law Office of Jessica A. Foley, we deal with drivers license issues for all ages.  Email me or call me at 866-981-7888.

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