Do You Need a Lawyer if You are Arrested?

A question I get a lot, is “Do I really need a lawyer?  Can’t I just handle this myself?”

Well, what if you broke your wrist?  Would you set it yourself? Having a broken wrist that doesn’t heal properly, probably won’t kill you (disclaimer: I am in no way a doctor and am not saying that it couldn’t kill you). It would be better if you had a knowledgeable doctor (probably not a neurosurgeon or psychiatrist) to examine the x-ray, and monitor the healing process.  I use the doctor analogy because I would have no idea what to do if I broke a bone (besides call a knowledgeable professional).

If you get arrested, you need someone who knows the system to guide you through it and advocate on your behalf.  You need a criminal defense lawyer, not an Estate or Real Estate lawyer.

What will a lawyer do for you if you are arrested for drunk driving?

  • Advise you on the process, from telling you where to stand or sit when you are in court, to explaining the court process from arraignment, through pre-trial, motions sessions and bench or jury trial.
  • Talk to the Assistant District Attorney or the Police Prosecutor.
  • Gather the evidence.
  • Review the evidence against you and determine if there are valid motions to dismiss or suppress.
  • If you take a Breath Test, your lawyer can determine if the machine was operating properly.
  • Most importantly a lawyer Will make sure that your rights are protected!

I’m familiar with the local Massachusetts courts, it’s not new to me even though it is often a very new and intimidating process for my clients.  Most people (including lawyers) only set foot in the local court house when they have jury duty.  If you have been charged with a criminal driving offense in Massachusetts, first – do not speak to the police, and if you have already, don’t speak to them anymore, second, call me at 866-981-7888 or email me for a consultation.

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