A Warning instead of a Speeding Ticket?

Recently, the The Boston Globe, published an article: Warning! When it comes to traffic tickets, it matters where you get stopped. by Ralph Ranalli and Manny Veiga.  The authors investigated whether drivers are more likely to get warnings or ticketed for moving violations in approximately 21 local cities and towns.  Turns out, according to their research, that in many towns you are just as likely to get a warning as a ticket for a moving violation.

Needham, Dover, Wellesley, Southborough, Lincoln and Newton all reported more warnings then citations.  There is certainly advice on how to avoid a speeding ticket: crying, begging, being polite.  (see also Stopped by a Police Officer?)

According to to the investigation conducted by the reporters of The Boston Globe, the police actually have discretion as to whether or not they give out a citation.  If the incident involves threats to the public safety – even if your driving record is clean – you are likely to get cited.  If you are going 5 mph over a speed limit, you will probably get a warning.

The officers said that warnings work – and that’s why they use them.  On the other hand, if you have been given 20 warnings – it’s likely you are going to get a ticket.

For more information see:

Warning! When it comes to traffic tickets, it matters where you get stopped (The Boston Globe, March 31, 2008, by Ralph Ranalli and Manny Veiga)

Some Towns Give out More Warnings

If you have gotten a ticket and not a warning, please call me for a consultation at 866-981-7888 or feel free to email me.

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