Driving Laws and Celebrities

I have a blog about Massachusetts Driving Law (as you know if you are reading this), and it is not very often that there are celebrities involved in driving related issues in Massachusetts.

This past week in Gloucester, Massachusetts Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were involved in a car accident with an alleged drunk driver.  Sandra and Jesse are at the other end of the celebrity drunk driving spectrum, they are allegedly victims of a drunk driver. Luckily no one was injured in the accident.

Boston.com reported on April 20, 2008 that Lucile Gatchell of Gloucester, swerved and hit the vehicle that was carrying Sandra Bullock and her husband.  According to Matt Viser, of the Boston Globe, Ms. Gatchell took a breathalyzer, and it came back a .20 (.08 is the per se legal limit in Massachusetts), she also was overheard stating “My first drunk driving incident and I hit Sandra Bullock.”

According to the reports, Ms. Gatchell has no prior history of drunk driving, therefore she will be eligible for the first offenders program. Ms. Gatchell made a few mistakes (in my opinion) after the accident, first she took a breathalyzer, and second, she made a statement “My first drunk driving accident.” Of course I do not have all of the details, and there may be some suppression issues so the statements and/or the breathlyzer may not be admitted as evidence in court in the event that there is a trial.  Perhaps she can try the “I was in shock because I hit a famous person”, defense.

Check out Boston Channel for a video of the arraignment.  Also for more stories related to the accident you can check out:

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There are some great celebrity blogs, that regularly report on celebrities, one I like (because it combines celebrities and drunk driving) is Popsquire.

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