Texting While Driving Soon to be Banned in Massachusetts!

After several versions of a bill to ban texting while driving have gone through the Massachusetts House of Representatives and been approved, only to be banned by the Senate – both the House and Senate have approved a bill to ban Texting While Driving.

The new bill will fine drivers who text $75.00, and who knows what the additional penalties will be.  I’m assuming (which of course one shouldn’t) that it will be considered a moving violation – which will of course increase the number of people who will get license suspensions for too many moving violations.  It will also give the police another reason to stop drivers.

Let me be clear, I don’t think texting while driving is a GOOD idea, I am just not sure it should be regulated.  If you can’t resist the temptation – then put your phone in your purse/pocked/glove compartment/back seat!  It’s just not worth getting in an accident and/or killing yourself or someone else.

Check back for more information on when the new law will go into effect!


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