It’s Illegal to “Huff” or “Sniff”. Who knew?

It’s against the law to inhale a toxic vapor.  To be honest, I always knew it was a bad idea. There are many public service announcements out there – and I recall seeing posters.  It’s really dangerous.  Period. These Public Service Announcements and stories illustrate the danger well.

The Examiner

The Partnership for a Drug Free America

World News

and of course youtube!

There is even a Coalition – it’s the  National Inhalant Coalition Prevention Coalition.  

Ok, here is the kicker:  In Massachusetts you can go to jail for up to six months if the Commonwealth can prove that they saw you inhaling or ‘huffing’ or ‘sniffing’.   I recently represented a client for this very charge and got to asking various Prosecutors and Probation Officers if they had seen it before…being a former Prosecutor myself – and spending many long days in VERY busy District Courts – I had never actually seen someone charged with this crime.  Turns out, some of the Prosecutors had, and some hadn’t.  If they had heard of it – they often had one or two addicts that came through their court regularly.

So, now, not only can you die, or suffer severe brain damage – but you can go to jail – FOR SIX MONTHS. For an addiction.  If you have an addiction, or someone you care about does – try to get some help.  It’s scary, and you can end up in jail just for the act of inhaling.

I now have experience dealing with this particular crime – and I have to say – the client was one of the nicest I’ve had – just has a problem that he is getting help for.  If you have been charged with this or have a loved one who is, please feel free to contact me at 866-981-7888 or

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