Stopped by a Police Officer?

You are are driving home from work, school or errands and you are ALMOST home.  You are going a little bit over the speed limit or perhaps you have forgotten to place your new registration sticker on your rear license plate.  You are about to turn onto the main street that leads to your neighborhood when you notice a police officer behind you in his or her cruiser.  You immediately check your speedometer. Your heart starts beating a little quicker.  You notice the lights and sirens. The police officer is pulling you over.  What do you do next? (No, you don’t push down on the gas and lead the police officer on a high speed chase.)

  • Pull over onto the far right side of the road, make sure you are in a safe place to stop. If it is dark out turn on your interior lights.
  • If you aren’t in a safe place to stop, put on your directionals and drive to a place that is safe for you and the officer.
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel. It is important to make the officer feel safe.  Remember, police officers don’t know who they are pulling over and road side stops can be very dangerous for them.
  • When you come to a stop, keep your hands on the steering wheel, take a deep breath and relax. Turn off your car.
  • When the police officer comes to your door, roll down the window (if it isn’t already).  At that point he or she will ask you for your license and registration. If your registration is in the glove compartment, tell the officer before you reach for it.
  • The police officer will probably ask you why you think you were stopped.  Your answer may be used against you later.  If you think you might get a warning and not a ticket you can try for complete honesty.
  • If you are unlucky enough to get a ticket, you  need to decide whether or not you want to contest the ticket.

A speeding ticket can lead to a license suspension or at the very least expensive insurance surcharges.

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If you have received a speeding ticket or notice of a criminal driving charge please call me at 866-981-7888 or email me to discuss your options.

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