Junior Operators and Speeding

A question that has come up a lot in my practice recently is whether or not a Junior Operator’s license will be suspended for a moving violation that is not speeding.

The answer, after a lot of research, basically ruling out all the alternatives is that the purpose of the new Junior Operator Statute is to prevent teens from speeding.   Other moving violations, such as running a stop sign, expired inspection sticker, or failure to yield do not carry with them an immediate suspension.

That being said, moving violations add up quickly, and should always be appealed.

For more information on Junior Operator Penalties in Massachusetts, please see: Junior Operators

If you are a junior operator, or the parent or guardian of a junior operator, and you get a moving violation, you should consult with an attorney to save your license (even if you think you can’t win) and your insurance surcharge points.  Call Jessica Foley at 866-981-7888 or email me at jessica@jessicafoleylaw.com.  I’m an experienced driving lawyer and can help you win your case!

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