Does Every College Kid Have a Fake I.D.?

It seems like an okay idea.  You find the name of a guy on campus who makes great ID’s (or maybe you are good with a computer and made your own) or you and your friends trek into a city and pay anywhere from $20.00 to $500.00 for a license that says you are 21.

It’s an easy thing to rationalize.  The drinking age used to be 18, but now it’s 21.  “Everyone has one”.   “My parents know I have it…” Ok, the problem is, that even if you have rationalized it (for yourself or your child – if you are a parent), there are still consequences when you get caught.  Criminal consequences and DRIVING CONSEQUENCES.   The criminal consequences can result in a criminal record (think future jobs and employment opportunities).  Driving consequences can result in a loss of license (think getting back and forth to class/work/home).
Are there things that can be done?  Sure.  Things can always be done, but not in every case and not in every town.
  • $500.00 fine
  • State Prison for up to five years
  • Jail or house of correction for not more than two years


These consequences can happen even if you are not convicted of anything in court!

Your license can be suspended for six months (with NO conviction) and for one year with a conviction!

The RMV can do this if you do any of these:
  • Transfer, alter or deface a license or ID.
  • Making, using, carrying, selling, or distributing a false license or ID.
  • Using somebody else’s license or ID.
  • Furnishing false Identification to obtain a license.

If you lose your license – there is a possibility that you can get a Hardship License (sometimes called a Cinderella License) so you can work and go to school.  This involves a hearing or two at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and you are allowed to have a lawyer represent you.

Being accused of using a Fake I.D. is a serious charge – don’t take it lightly. If you have any questions please call Criminal Defense Attorney Jessica Foley at 866-981-7888 or email her at .
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