Qualifications to Operate a Motor Vehicle in Massachusetts: Elderly or Disabled?

Are there physical qualifications to operate a motor vehicle?

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, Medical Affairs Branch is responsible for setting forth policies and procedures regarding physical qualifications for driving.  The policies are set from recommendations from the Registry’s Medical Advisory Board.

The Medical Advisory Board, is appointed by statute: Mass. Gen. Laws c. 90 sec. 8C.

They set standards for the minimum physical qualifications for driving in the following areas:

  • vision
  • cardiovascular conditions
  • respiratory conditions
  • seizure conditions
  • conditions that result in loss of consciousness

They also conduct personalized assessments if their policies do not guide them in regards to the physical condition of an individual driver.

Do you feel as though you are qualified to drive, yet the Registry has suspended or revoked your license?  You can hire an attorney to represent you in your efforts to get driving again!  Call me at 866-981-7888 or contact me online to set up a consultation.

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