The New Anti-Texting Law in Massachusetts: Junior Operators

If you drive in Massachusetts, you’ve certainly noticed the large signs on the road telling drivers that as of September 30, 2010 you can no longer text and drive.

Teens can no longer use a phone and drive, except in the case of an emergency.  The law sets forth the only times a teen can use a phone while in a vehicle:

  1. The motor vehicle is disabled
  2. medical attention or assistance is required
  3. police, fire or other emergency service was necessary for the personal safety of the driver or a passenger
  4. a disabled vehicle or accident is observed

My advice to teens everywhere:  Just turn your phone off or out of reach when you are in the car.  This is another way that you can get pulled over and possibly have your license suspended.  The fines for a teen using a mobile device (phone, game system, computer) while in the car are tough!

  • 1st offense – 60 day license loss, driver education class, $100 dollar fine, and $100 dollar reinstatement fee.  Not to mention the fees paid to a lawyer and the court if you want to appeal a citation.
  • 2nd offense – 180 day license loss, $250 dollar fine, and $100 dollar reinstatement fee.
  • 3rd or more – 365 day license loss, $500 dollar fine, and $100 dollar reinstatement fee.

Even a 60 day license loss is a big loss!  You won’t be able to drive to school, work, sports or anywhere!


These penalties are tough – if you have gotten stopped or if you have a child who has gotten stopped, the Law Office of Jessica Foley has the experience to fight your citation!  Contact us at 866-981-7888 or email us at

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