Mayhem, What is it?

What is Mayhem?

This word often conjures up visions of a crowd gone wild, perhaps visions of police in riot gear pushing back a crowd. That is not the legal definition of mayhem. Mayhem is actually when someone hurts someone so badly that they are maimed or disfigured. Mayhem is a crime of intent, meaning the prosecutor must prove that with malicious (mean or harmful) intent someone has maimed, disfigured, or disabled a limb or member of another person. You can be present and know of the intent of the person harming the other person or help someone disfigure someone else and still be charged with mayhem.

What is the punishment?

If you are convicted of mayhem, you can be incarcerated in a state prison for up to 20 years, or a county jail (house of correction) for up to 2 and ½ years or fined up to 1000.00 dollars. Mayhem is a serious crime to be charged with, and the Commonwealth must prove that you caused and intended to cause (or assisted in causing) some pretty horrific injuries on another person. You can be charged with this crime in a local District Court or in a Superior Court.

Click here to see that statute for mayhem.

If you are charged with mayhem, you need to consult with an attorney immediately.  For an attorney who has successfully defended clients against serious charges like this, email or call The Law Office of Jessica A. Foley at 866-981-7888.  Emergency phone calls are returned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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