I thoroughly enjoy my career as an attorney and helping people who feel like no one else is on their side! In my previous life I was an Assistant District Attorney and prosecuted hundreds of cases in Plymouth County. Not only was I able to develop excellent trial skills, but I came to understand how the criminal justice system works in Massachusetts.

I have the opportunity to help people when they feel as though they have lost control of their lives. Most people who find themselves charged with a crime are good people; they may have used poor judgment, or simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. A lot of times, people are accused of crimes that they did not commit!

Another area that I focus on, is not just the criminal aspects of driving. In the 21st century, we rely on our licenses to get us to work, get family to doctor’s appointments, buy food and live our lives. When your license is suspended or revoked – either from too many driving offenses, a criminal charge or some other reason – it impacts your live greatly. I strive to help people not only get their licenses back but to also help them fight moving violations so that they can prevent a license suspension. I also enjoy helping people who are at risk for a moving violation, an insurance surcharge and/or license loss. I also help my clients navigate the Registry of Motor Vehicles and advocate on their behalf in the hopes that they will get their driving privileges reinstated.

I am caring and empathetic to my clients and their families while simultaneously aggressively fighting for the best possible outcome of their case.

I am patient and understanding and take the time to explain to my clients what may happen to them in court, and more importantly the court process. Court is new for most people and it can be very scary and intimidating if you are not familiar with what is happening. I make my clients feel as comfortable as possible in what is often a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation.

These skills that I have developed are particularly crucial in Family Law matters. Ordinary people get divorced, have custody battles and need child support. ┬áProbate and Family Court is one of the most stressful, emotional places people can find themselves. They are fighting for their families and their loved ones. I take an aggressive, yet empathetic approach to help my client’s get through their Family Court matters as quickly and as economically as possible in order to help them get on with their lives.

I have been a practicing attorney for 10 years. I graduated from Smith College and Northeastern University School of Law. I live in Hingham, Massachusetts with my family.

I am admitted to practice in Massachusetts and the United States District Court. I am also a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, and the Plymouth County Bar Association. In my spare time I enjoy reading, skiing, snowboarding, spending time with my family, knitting and bike riding.

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