Fake I.D.’s

Fake I.D.’s are often seen as a cool right of passage for teens in college and those still in high school.   Getting caught with a Fake I.D. has serious consequences in Massachusetts, especially if you are caught trying to procure alcohol with it!

If you are caught with a Fake I.D. and the charges are dismissed, you can still lose your license.   In fact you can never get charged and the RMV can still suspend your license.

Two things to remember when you get caught with a Fake I.D.:

1.  If you haven’t told your parents, now might be the time since you are probably going to need their assistance fighting the charges.  They may be mad that you got arrested, and mad that you were drinking, and mad that you have a Fake I.D.  But they’ll get over it.  Eventually.  If you end up with a criminal record you may never get over it!

2.  When you get a notice from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, take your lawyer.  You will first have a hearing before a Hearing Examiner.  In the event that you lose that hearing and your license is suspended, you have the right to appeal this decision and you MAY be issued a Hardship or Cinderella license (where you can drive for 12 hours a day).  It’s not a right that you get your license back OR that you get a Hardship license, so be smart, and take a lawyer.

For more information from the Law Office of Jessica A. Foley on Fake I.D.’s, check out a recent blog post: College Kid’s with Fake I.D.’s.

The Law Office of Jessica A. Foley has a lot of experience dealing with under 21’s being caught with a Fake I.D.  You can email us at Jessica@JessicaFoleyLaw.com or call the office at 866-981-7888.

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