Driving Law

I represent adults, juveniles, junior operators, and elderly drivers in Massachusetts at the following:

  • Registry of Motor Vehicle Hearings throughout Massachusetts.
  • Registry of Motor Vehicle Board of Appeals Hearings.
  • Hearings before the Insurance Commission.
  • Clerk Magistrate’s Hearings throughout Massachusetts.
  • Judge’s Appeals of moving violations throughout Massachusetts.
  • All court appearances for a criminal charge in Massachusetts from pre-arraignment through arraignment, pre-trial and trial.  Some examples of criminal driving charges are: drunk driving, operating to endanger, operating without a license, and use of a motor vehicle without authority.

What does representation cost?

Generally, I charge a flat fee for each civil motor vehicle hearing, such as any hearing before the Registry of Motor Vehicles, a civil Clerk’s Hearing or at Insurance Commission Hearings. I am happy to discuss my fees on a case by case basis.  Please feel free to call me at 866-981-7888 or email me at Jessica@JessicaFoleyLaw.com.

Click on the below for more specific information:

Commercial Driver’s License

Drunk Driving / DUI Defense

Hardship Licenses

Junior Operators

License Suspensions


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