Do you need a lawyer?  Are you not quite sure?  Are you afraid it will cost too much to bring a lawyer with you to a hearing?  Do you just want advice?

I offer 30 minute paid moving violation consultations.  The total cost is $147.00.   This amount will be credited towards your fee if you decide that you would like representation at the Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing and/or or the Judge’s Appeal.

The Law Office of Jessica A. Foley specializes in speeding tickets, civil moving violations, junior operators and criminal moving violations.   Attorney Jessica Foley has appeared in courts throughout the Commonwealth and successfully argued on her client’s behalf.   She has appeared in Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Essex County, Suffolk County, Bristol County, Worcester County, Middlesex County and Barnstable County to represent clients for civil moving violations such as traffic tickets, or for criminal driving offenses.

The first question is do you really need a lawyer to represent you at a traffic hearing? Well, it depends.  If you are being charged with a Criminal Offense, the answer is YES.  Also, the earlier you hire a lawyer in your court case, the better your chances of getting a favorable result.   It’s well worth it to invest in an attorney at the Clerk’s Hearing level, before you and your case ever see the inside of courtroom!

Why hire a lawyer for a criminal offense?

  1. You can save your criminal record, and protect your right to drive.
  2. If you resolve the matter at Clerk’s Hearing, the matter will never even enter on your Board of Probation Record (i.e. your criminal record).
  3. Your lawyer can have a ‘first bite’ at the apple and get a sense of how seriously the court and Police are taking your  matter.   It’s the first chance they have to argue on your behalf.
  4. All criminal driving infractions carry some sort of license loss upon conviction – and losing your right to drive for a month or a year can result in lost wages, lost employment and the inability to transport loves ones to school or doctor’s appointments.

Do I need a lawyer if it’s just a ‘ticket’?

  1. Not necessarily, you don’t always need a lawyer for a speeding ticket.  Check with your insurance company, some companies don’t add points on your insurance for your first infraction.
  2. You have no other driving record, you were police, and the officer said ‘appeal it’, you might have a good shot at getting out of it on your own.
  3. You don’t want to be bothered going to court and really don’t care if your insurance premiums go up several hundred dollars for the next several years (depending on the infraction).

What are some situations where I might need a lawyer for a ticket?

  1. You are facing a license suspension.
  2. You are facing an insurance surcharge which could cost you at least several hundred dollars, each year, for the next several years.
  3. A lawyer could help you at least get your fines reduced.
  4. A lawyer knows how to negotiate with the police and the prosecutors to try to get you a good deal.
  5. A lawyer can research and argue technicalities of the citation.
  6. You are nervous or scared and don’t want to deal with the frustration of going to court on your own.

IF YOU HAVE A SPEEDING TICKET, MOVING VIOLATION OR CRIMINAL DRIVING CHARGE – WE CAN HELP!  My office takes payment via cash, check, credit card or paypal.  If you would like a consult I will forward you a Fee Agreement and we will set up a convenient time to talk about your case. CALL US AT 866-981-7888 OR CONTACT US ONLINE FOR A CONSULTATION.

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