Family Law

At the Law Office of Jessica A. Foley, we are dedicated to guiding our clients through the complicated and often emotional world of family law. We represent clients in:

We handle your matters with empathy and skill. If necessary, we work with a trusted network of therapists, guardian ad litem’s, parenting specialists, real estate agents, appraisers, CPA’s, financial planners and any other professionals that might be necessary to help you and your loved ones through your divorce.

We give straight answers and work hard to either litigate or settle your case.  Our goal is to fight for your rights and get you through the stressful divorce process and out the other end!

We also offer assistance with pre-nuptial agreements and uncontested divorces.

Recent Articles About Family Law

What Custody Means in Massachusetts

You have kids, and you don’t live with their other parent for whatever reason. You might be separated or divorced or never married. The following are the kinds of custody you can have of children in Massachusetts: Joint Custody/Shared Parenting/Co-Parenting The courts in Massachusetts are generally in love with the concept of ‘co-parenting’ – it’s…

Stalking – The Legal Definition

Stalking.  What is it really? To be convicted of the crime of stalking, there is actually a lot that the Commonwealth has to prove.  Stalking is defined as: a person willfully (on purpose) and maliciously (meanly or spitefully or with a desire to cause injury or fear) engages in a pattern of conduct or series…

Criminal Harassment

What is criminal harassment? It isn’t just when someone annoys you once, and goes on their way.  It is actually the following: someone engages (either willfully or maliciously) in a knowing pattern of conduct, or series of acts of a period of time directed at a specific person. the person who has the acts directed…

Who Can Get a Restraining Order (209A) Against Me?

Restraining orders came about as a response to Domestic Violence.  Generally they are a court order to stay away from and not abuse the person who gets the Restraining Order. When can someone apply for and possibly get a Restraining Order? Massachusetts law allows someone who is “in imminent fear of bodily harm” to obtain…


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