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Overview of the MA No-Texting Law (effective 9/30)

So, finally, the Massachusetts Legislature has gotten it together and actually finalized the no texting law.  It is now set to go into effect on September 30, 2010. Here’s what it means: There is to be no texting while driving. Texting includes:  sending of emails, instant messages or reading of emails, instant messages or texts…

Does Every College Kid Have a Fake I.D.?

It seems like an okay idea.  You find the name of a guy on campus who makes great ID’s (or maybe you are good with a computer and made your own) or you and your friends trek into a city and pay anywhere from $20.00 to $500.00 for a license that says you are 21….

Students and Crimes – Even Driving Can Impact your Record!

If you are the parent of a high school or college student who gets charged with a crime (or if you are a high school or college student) you are probably worried about the effects will have on your future! A criminal conviction can have an effect on your future!  It can effect your future…

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